Jessica ChrisleyToday was a day of rejoicing at Palm Bethel for we had a lost sheep return to the fold.  Jessica Chrisley a former member was restored to fellowship after today’s service.  We rejoice greatly in this for though we have many sheep we always seek to find the lost ones.  The ones astray.  (Luke 15:4-6) So we ask you to rejoice with us in this good news.

There is also sad news as we bid farewell to our winter visitors Jean and Chuck Eaton who have been with us for several months.  We have enjoyed their presence at our Wednesday Bible Study and our Sunday services.  In addition, they have helped us redo our kitchen by tiling the floors, helping install new cabinets and ceiling.  What a blessing they have been to us and we look forward to their return in the fall.

God has been gracious to Palm Bethel and we are thankful for his kindness and mercy to us.  We try to never take these blessings for granted but thankfully acknowledge His goodness and mercy to us.  We want to serve him more and better.

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