Attended Defense of the Faith

     This week I had the privilege of attending the Defense of the Faith seminar hosted by Winter Garden Primitive Baptist  church in Winter Garden Florida. This was intended for young people in the church and those interested. The seminar was targeted to give our young people ages 14-25 knowledge to equip them to defend their faith and to know better the proper doctrine of Sovereign Grace. The doctrine of Christ.

     The target range for the presentations was the age group of 14 to 25. But I found that this was so good it was for all age groups 14 and above maybe even 10 and above.  All learned something new whether adult or child, whether lay person or preacher.  It was most excellent.
     Elder Glenn Blanchard pastor at Winter Garden also turned running the event over to the young people of the church, except that he got the ministers who were to teach and scheduled their presentations. They did an outstanding job. The days started at 9 and lasted into the evening and then there was fellowship time.
     Elder Blanchard did an excellent job of selecting some of our most able ministers to come and teach. They did such a wonderful job and those which taught were; Elder Gary Harvey speaking on the “KJV Bible” (and Brother Gary gets very excited about his subjects and is never mean), and “Limited Atonement”; Elder John Melvin his topics were “Preservation” and “Total Depravity” (Brother John’s handout should be published); Elder Marty Smith spoke on “Election” and “Good Works” (Brother Marty’s depth of knowledge on God’s book seems to be unlimited); Elder Buddy Abernathy educated us on “Sunday Schools” & “Marriage” (Bro Buddy took a delicate subject and with much grace taught us); Elder Charles Kitchens subjects were “Baptism” and “A Capella Singing” (Brother Charles does a great job teaching and is a great example to us all); Elder Jeff Winfrey’s topics “The Trinity” and “the Resurrection” (Brother Jeff shed new light on these subjects for many of us and he has been blessed with such humility for one with such clarity), Elder Gus Harter “Irresistible Grace” & “Witnessing” (Brother Gus is an example of putting talk into action), and Elder Glenn Blanchard did the topic “The Lord’s Supper” and he moderated. (Brother Glenn educates us so well with his knowledge of the gospel and his wit.)  All of these men are examples to us of what God’s ministers should be, filled with humility and knowledge and apt to teach.
     These able man presented our doctrine contained within our articles of faith in such a manner as to enlighten all that heard it. (And can still hear it as the audio and video will be posted on the Winter Garden website.  When available I will put a link here.)They all did it with passion and humility it was so good I pray that this seminar continues for many more years.
     I know not everyone that wanted to attend could attend because of work and other commitments but all the meetings were recorded and as soon as they are made available online I will post a link to the website so that you can to listen to these presentations and get a better understanding of articles of faith and a better understanding of Sovereign Grace.
     Here is a link to the Facebook page of Defense of the Faith and you can see pictures of those attending and some of the fellowship which took place it will make you wish you had come.

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