Bowing to False Gods: If Daniel 3 Were Written Today

There is an old saying that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  All anyone has to do, is read the Old Testament to see the truth in that statement.  God shows grace and mercy, the people rebel and deny Him, He calls them to repentance, the people don’t repent, He punishes them, then they repent and the cycle repeats.  It is still true today.  The following message at this link brings this message home for many have abandoned the truth of God revealed to us in the Bible and have sought the false teachings of ecumenicalism or going along to get along; though we are told to pick up our cross (discipleship) and follow Him (Christ) no matter the cost (there will be trials and persecutions, there will be divisions within families and with friends).

Forbear entering in the wide gate  of what is popular in the culture and the broad way of pleasure and contentment when we should be entering the narrow gate and the narrow path established by Christ; through serving God and ministering to others.  Not seeking to find approval of the world but through our efforts condemning the world and it’s ignorance of God’s way.  For the world, every nation and culture is without excuse of knowing God’s will.  Matt 7:13-14; Rom 1:19-20

Please read “bowing to false gods”

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