Contact Information

The Pastor, Elder Charles Dennis, can be contacted by phoning the church phone number 561-697-8226 and through the wonders of modern technology it will find him whether at church or not.  As he has a tendency to place his phone where he cannot find it until it rings, if there is no answer try again or leave a voice mail.  He will get back with you.

You can email him at

Mailing address is Palm Bethel Primitive Baptist Church
810 Florida Mango Road, West Palm Beach, FL  33406

Palm Bethel has a page on Facebook.

Deacon & Treasurer; Russell Scott may be contacted at (954) 263-0132.  His email is

Church Clerk; Dennis Sieloff may be contacted at (954) 782-4731 or email  Brother Dennis also publishes a newsletter “Baptist Life News” .  You can request an email subscription from him.