Conversion defined properly

THE TRUTH IS — Conversion defined properly – Luke 22:32. Simon Peter was to be prayed for by Jesus Himself, saying “I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not, and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.” Notice, Jesus did not say “if” but “when” thou art converted. The major premise is that many of God’s Children are confused by the false denominational theologians of Babylonians mixing Conversion with Regeneration. Conversion is a “Turning from” and “turning to,” as a change of mind – Gospel Conversion is not to Create, but to Locate, Educate and Cultivate the already born-again “RE-generate.” It is a “RE-turning” which is “RE-pentance,” as in “RE-penting” or turning from Moses’ Laws of Works to N.T. Grace found only in the full Legal Redeeming Shed Blood of Jesus Christ.  “RE-generation” by the Holy Spirit is the New Birth, a New Life, a New Creation, giving Life, to add a New Heaven.  Such must always precede Conversion.  Life always precedes Actions. Sometimes referred to as – Divine Conversion of the Soul, as in Psalms 19:7.  Now close by reading James 5:20.

Hulan Bass

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