Day of Prayer this Thursday

Below is the text of an email I received from Elder Randall Cagle.  He is going to have a day of prayer and fasting at his church on Thursday.  While many are far from Canton, Ga we can all participate.  Some will be working, some traveling (it is the day of the Florida Fellowship Meeting) some idly at home. But wherever we may be we can continue to pray for not only the items mentioned in Elder Cagle’s letter but and especially about those things affecting the local church, and members.  And if one can fast, so much the better.  But fasting is more than just denial of food, it is a time when we pray and do without trusting in the Lord to provide our comfort and solace.

January 30, 2014
Dear Elders, Deacons, Brothers, and Sisters,

Brothers and Sisters in Christ I come to you with a heavy heart and a great concern for the cause of Christ and His church.  In the last year we have seen the decay of our society that is affecting our churches.  I have seen pastors leaving the ministry.  Seen members quit coming to church, and a general unconcern for the cause of Christ.  Then on the other hand I have seen Churches that are growing and the Lord opening doors of opportunity for outreach, with success.  I’ve seen churches with pastors that have been called to be full time, adding services, churches be revived and restored.   One desire I have and want us to pray about is the unity of the ministry and of the churches.  We have an enemy out there and it’s not each other.  We need to come together and fight the good fight of faith.

Please join us in a day of Prayer and Fasting for the Cause of Christ.  On Thursday February 6, 2014 we at Shoal Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Canton, GA have set aside a day of Prayer and Fasting.  We will be at the church house at 10:00 am till 10:00 pm on this Thursday.  We ask all that can and feel the need to pray together come and be with us.  If you can’t come, please set this day aside and join us in Prayer and Fasting at your church or individuality.

As I have read and studied this, I have found that our churches in the past have done this with success.  When they had a need, they called together the churches and prayed and fasted.  So let’s do it together, and ask God to lead and guide our lives to be more spiritual.  To follow in His steps and to do His will.  I have been asked to list some things we all can pray to the Lord.

  • God’s wisdom for the ministry to lead in the right way.
  • God’s wisdom for the congregations to follow.
  • Opportunities for God to open doors for outreach.
  • A renewed spiritual growth.
  • To have the gospel preached in power, to see people repent.  First and foremost that the ministry could save themselves and those that hear them.

Please join us in this day of prayer and fasting.  Next Tuesday or Wednesday I will send a list of prayer requests for all of to be praying about.

In His Service,

Randall Cagle

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