Emphatic differences between Unregenerate and Regenerate

Great clear emphatic difference is found in the fallen
Unregenerate – only wickedness, and sinfulness within
and without   Psalms 10:4.  Regenerates-Born-Again from
above, are Spiritually Alive with Eternal Life,  but are totally,
timely ignorant of the Gospel Truth, which keeps them
from learning the Gospel Truth –  Rom. 10:1-4.  In fact
the entire 10th Chapter of Romans is all about the “Timely
Gospel” salvation. The difference numerically is clearly
stated in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount – Matt. 7:13-14.
Just Gospel Ignorance is the problem, and not in an
evil wicked sinful heart.   Herein notice this difference –
Jesus invites these Regenerates into His Church who
are tired and heavy-laden to “rest” therein.  Dead folks
don’t get tired, So, here are the Two-Salvations clearly
defined.  Matt. 11:28-30.
Hulan Bass

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