Great day at church

We had a wonderful blessed day, at Palm Bethel. We got to show off the revamped kitchen (though it’s not complete) which our out of town visitors Chuck and Jean Eaton and Brother Russell Scott have been diligently doing this week. Installing a ceiling, tiling the floor, and new cabinets, sink and plumbing. We were looking forward to the visit of the Spezzano’s; Jim, Kelly and Josh. They had been to the Keys and coming back through our area on the way home. I was back at church this week after being absent do to illness last week. Another blessing. So much to be thankful for so imagine how gobsmacked I was when Elder Randall Cagle and Debra Cagle came through our front doors.  Another blessing. They (blessings) just keep coming for Brother Randall preached for us and on the topic of Heaven a subject near and dear to all of us. The Spirit richly blessed him and us.

After services a time of fine fellowship with members and visitors, and good food. A blessed day.

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