My dad’s birthday

Today is my dad’s 93rd birthday.  Through God to my dad and my mom I owe everything for in them I was brought up to know God and His love for His children and His son Christ Jesus who brought redemption to me and all other elect; offering himself to God on our behalf.

God has seen to my needs throughout my life though at times I was in rebellion against Him.  I have known pride, blasphemy and heresy yet He stuck by me.

By my Dad I found through him the value of hard work. Dedication to caring for family.  Through him I was introduced to a world of nature, hunting, fishing and farming.  None of which does a body harm. Which also led me to the secular calling I did for many years.
Through him I found out the folly of most of this world for without God all is vanity.  This best said by the Preacher, Solomon.
Though my Dad taught me the value of money and I should hang on to as much of it as possible, I valued “having” more than saving.  Late in life I found out the value of my father’s wisdom.
I am glad I was born into what and where I was for riches nor fame would have given me the values instilled by my parents through the trials and tribulations they endured growing up during the depression and God seeing them through that time.  And the values which were instilled into them by God fearing parents and this goes back through the ages.
Late in life I was called to be a gospel minister and this too follows a family line of many generations all of which teaches that one never knows what God is going to do in our life next.  To teach and preach the doctrines of Christ and His grace and mercy to us is the greatest calling one can have in this life.  Yes I am prejudiced.
I am truly blessed.
Happy Birthday Dad

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