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The Primitive Baptists have some very able writers.  Writers who explore the word of God and write so as to enlighten readers – believers to give greater Spiritual insight and always they acknowledge the final authority on any thing in the Bible is the Bible itself.  Men are fallible while God is not.

Many Primitive Baptists  (and others) in seeking additional insight or wisdom on the written word seek out writers that are popular or are supported by publishing houses or bookstores while our writers are ignored.  Most use inferior translations of the Bible and thus going further astray.  There are significant doctrinal differences between us and “them” so why not use the gifted men God as provided us and read and study what they have taken great effort and with the blessing of God put on paper or preached?
One can find links on this website to read many of these able men and to hear them.  One such site is Sovereign Grace Publications where Elder Michael Gowens has his books and pamphlets available. And also other writers such as Elder Joe Holder.  (Elder Holder’s site is also on the links page.)

Elder Jeremy Sarber’s site has not only his fine writing on Scripture but advice on technological issues pertaining to the church, podcasting and web design.

Today I added two new sites; Denton Primitive Baptist Church with writing by Elder Vernon Johnson and Dawson Springs Primitive Baptist Church with writing by Elder Jeff Winfrey.  Godly men who share their insight with the rest of us.

As I discover other sites they will be added to the links list and I invite visitors to the site to visit these sites and avail yourselves of the vast information from a proper doctrinal viewpoint.

I would be in remiss if I did not tell you about another place to get Primitive Baptist material.  Elder Harold Hunt has for years been republishing material from our ablest writers of the past 2 centuries for the sole purpose of further glorifying God by making these past authors available who have expounded on the “pure words” of God.  His address is P.O. Box 5352
Maryville, TN 37802-5352 and you can write to Elder Hunt and get a list of what is available and the price.


One thought on “New Links for Primitive Baptist writings

  1. Jeremy Sarber

    You’ve listed some tremendous resources, brother. I hope one day to circumvent the gatekeepers of traditional publishing and take some of our work to the masses without them. May God help me in those efforts.


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