THE TRUTH IS — A call to GOSPEL-obedience is very clear

THE TRUTH IS — A call to GOSPEL-obedience is very clear, as all these benefits are available TIMELY, and very profitable, which will give your Eternal outlook even a more clear, perfect and beautiful view RIGHT NOW – 1st Peter 4:17. Now read – Deut. 11:26-29 – to compare Timely Blessings Vs. Time Curses.  Deut. 30:15 – also depicts the very same. Further confirmation is found in Ecc. 7:14 and Joel 2:12—27 for the full story.  Acts 5:29; 7:39; Also Paul teaches these same principles in – Rom. 1:5. Then he mentions the negative in- Rom. 10:16-18. Finally, Heb. 11:8 employs Abraham as an example of these Timely Benefits. So, 1st Peter 1:14 – proclaims the very same. Eternity for you will be perfect, but why suffer for disobedience here in Time, when blessings are most positively available.

Hulan Bass

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