The Truth is about OT & NT obedience

There are two important factors that are clearly
outstanding throughout the N.T. and were even
clearly listed in the O.T. That of OBEDIENCE
and, then, mostly DIS-OBEDIENCE.  In the O.T.
Moses Laws, were the Rules, but mostly they
were disobeyed, even stated in Jer. 6:16 that
they would NOT walk therein.  Now for the N.T.
Rules of Obedience, which, when kept granted
many TIMELY benefits and blessings through
learning the Gospel, and walking therein.  Yet,
through the PERFECT obedience of Jesus Christ
we learn that He alone kept perfectly the Laws of
God, His Father – John 6:37-38 which guaranteed
the ETERNAL Redemption of both O.T. and N.T.
folks chosen in Him – Eph. 1:4-14.   So, your
disobedience cannot overrule the Obedience of
Christ, but such can hinder your REST in Christ
while you sojourn here on earth. Matt. 11:28
Hulan Bass

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