The Truth is about Zeal

THE TRUTH IS — ZEAL is a major K.J.T. word, and has depth of meaning beyond just the visible or natural, but also of Spiritual. Defined, first, we mention = Unction, Desire, Drive, Force, Yearning, Interest, Yen, Motivation, Warmth of Feeling, good or bad and enthusiasm. Now read: Psalms 69:9 for the negatives, then 2nd Sam. 21:2 =  Positive; 2nd Kings 10:16 “for the Lord; 19:31 = more of the positive. Again, Psalms 119:139-140 = Positive; The word TUMULT is also a negative zeal 1st Sam 3:14; Isaiah 9:7 = is clearly very positive of the Lord, as is = Isaiah 37:32; 59:17; 63:15; Jer.. 20:9 was the driving force herein. Again, manifested against enemies Ezek. 5:13. To be continued in the N.T.

John 2:17 See: Psalms 69:9
Acts 21:20 Paul & Jews are Z. of the Law
Acts 22:3 Paul Zealous TOWARD God, herein was “IN THE LAW.”
Rom. 10:2 Zeal Of God (Born-again)
1st Cor. 14:12 Spiritual Gifts – Zealous of spiritual Gifts
2nd Cor. 7:11 Yea, what Zeal
2nd Cor. 9:2 Your Zeal hath provoked very many
Gal. 1:14 Paul’s Exceeding Zeal of the Traditions of the Law (Acts 26:9)
Gal. 4:17-18 Good to be Zealous always in a GOOD thing
Phil. 3:6 Paul – Concerning Zeal – blameless
Col. 4:12 -13 Epaphras – Great Zeal
Titus 2:14 People Zealous of GOOD works
1st John 2:20 Unction (Born-again)
Rev. 3:19 Laodicean Church – Be Zealous & Repent (Gospelly – Timely)
Conclusion: So we find in CONTEXT, that ZEAL can be AGAINST God, but TOWARD THE LAW; or that ZEAL can be OF, IN “The Lord,” In the Heart & Soul from the Holy Spirit given in the regenerating Forces of the New Birth, depending upon the “context.”
Before Paul’s Road to Damascus Experience, he was VERY ZEALOUS “IN THE LAW” or that is, “Toward God” – Acts 22:3; but NOT “toward Jesus Christ, because he stated, in his life BEFORE (Acts 9:1—7), that he verily thought (Acts 26:9) with myself, that I ought to do many things contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” He later told Timothy – 1st Tim. 1:13 – “Who was BEFORE a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious: but I obtained mercy, because I did it ignorantly in unbelief.” Yet, in his unbelief, he had this ZEAL TOWARD GOD, but that means “against” Jesus Christ, yet, AFTER this “Road to Damascus” experience, HIS ZEAL changed drastically. BEFORE this experience he told the churches in Galatia, that his life was steeped in the Jews’ Religion. Gal. 1:14 – “And profited in the Jews’ religion above many my equals in mine own nation, being MORE EXCEEDINGLY ZEALOS of the traditions of my fathers.”
This “zeal” was not “of God” and certainly was NOT that of a “Born-again” person. Okay?
While I realize there are contexts that do not embrace Regenerated Born-Again Elect, yet are SEVERAL THAT DO, so I include this word “Zeal” in the list of manifested evidences of such Born-Again Persons as one of the identities thereof.
Closing Text: Col. 4:12 -13   Epaphras – Great Zeal
Compiled by: Hulan F. Bass (elder)
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