THE TRUTH IS – Isaiah 4:1-2

THE TRUTH IS – Isaiah 4:1-2 – Prophecy of the N.T. Church’s Future, being troubled with this erroneous doctrine and practice. Yes, Isaiah, through Divine Inspiration, saw the future 750 years in advance, ref. the major problem with the N.T. Church would be plagued with an attitude of their OWN doctrine and practice, but will still need to be identified with the Proper NAME of Jesus Christ. This has been the historical facts of the last 2000 years now.

Verse 2 declares the Spiritual Wonderment of those that can escape from these “worldly endowments” of “do your own thing,” adding to whatever your carnal desires may be, and leaving off whatever does not appeal to the flesh – “window-dressing.” The ones that have escaped are a remnant few, but they are the TRUE N.T. Church, seeing her as most beautiful and glorious, Spiritually (Matt. 7:13-14). Yet, now, the last few years those of Isaiah 4:1 – have even modified their “bread” and “raiment” moreso by departing from the NAME, as such, they deem, is a hindrance to their growth. Many of them now have no Denominational Identity in their Names, yet they are “growing organizations,” at least numerically. Now where do we look for the biblical truth? In the DOCTRINE & PRACTICE & NAME – Acts 2:42.

Hulan Bass
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