The Truth is it is Finished

IT IS FINISHED is a term mostly misrepresented
found in John 19:30,   It is quoted by Jesus Him-
self in – Matt. 5:17 – stating that He came to ful-
fill the law and prophets and not to destroy such.
So, the CONTEXT of John 19 is the key.  John
19:28 tells us that of all the laws and prophecies
in the O.T., a last one was yet to be fulfilled, that
of saying “I thirst” – Psalms 69:21,  So, V.29
shows that He then fulfilled, even, ALL these
Prophesies.  Then Jesus could truthfully state
“IT IS FINISHED.”  He herein was not referring
to Redemption, but that of O.T. Prophesies.
Hulan Bass

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