The Truth is Old Age is defined …

THE TRUTH IS — OLD AGE is defined clearly in the K.J.T. and not just by words only. However, here are some words of declaration = Job 5:26; Psalms 37:25; 71:18; 90:1-10; Ecc 12:1-7.  The analogy of a crop of corn comes to harvest time – full age.  David also declares the difference between young and old, even by gray hair, then he employs the crop also as grass/flowers growing up in the morning, then withers in the evening, Our years are as a tale that it told.  Solomon spells out old age clearly with the grave which ends up with only dust, but not the spirit which goes back to God instantly.  One more point, Solomon also tells us in Ecc 3:1-8 as “time for this and that,” but NOT a SET time.

Hulan Bass

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