THE TRUTH IS — Parables spoken by Jesus Christ

THE TRUTH IS — Parables spoken by Jesus Christ has a specific purpose in teaching about the N.T. Church, as purported in many texts, spoken by He himself. Some have clear meanings and others are some- what mysterious.  Matt. 13:1-11.  The great Multitude did not understand the seven parables, because it was not to be understood by the vast Multitude, but mainly and only to the Disciples. Matt. 13:12–47 for a total of 7.  Only the FEW were granted the understanding of the Gospel Church and its primary purpose, which was not to help get anyone into Eternal Heaven, but such did tell the FEW how (also) the MULTITUDE would get there, in spite of their ignorance. Matt. 7:13-14.
Hulan Bass

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