THE TRUTH IS — REDEMPTION is a primary doctrinal word in the K.J.T.

THE TRUTH IS — REDEMPTION is a primary doctrinal word in the K.J.T. and is found in O.T. History
– Jacob speaking in Gen. 48:16 was “timely.” God speaks to Moses – Ex. 6:6, again “timely.” In Ex. 13:13-15 – the teaching of such is to “buy back.”
Next, after “redemption,” there is a leading of the people in thy strength unto thy holy habitation – Ex. 15:13. Then condensing – Lev. 25:24-53 is the clear doctrine of Redemption ref. the “Promised Land.” Then we find such teaching of your possessions in – Lev. 27:13-33 Next, we turn to Deut. 7:8, God redeemed His People from Egypt (Depravity) in principle. Remember your bondage in Egypt from which God redeemed you – Deut 15:15. Even Ruth 4:4-7, Boaz redeemed her, a beautiful Bride in principle. Job 19:25 wherein he claimed God as his Redeemer. Next, David prayed to Him, as his Redeemer – Psalms 19:14. Again, Psalms 107:2 – declares the same. So, further magnifying in – Psalms 130:7-8. Solomon amplifies in – Prov. 23:11. Isaiah prophesies such -Isaiah 35:9 – as only being “people.” Hosea 13:14 even declares that from the grave are they being clearly redeemed from such so the grave finally looses. Next, we will discuss the N.T. Doctrine of the His Family, in Redemption.
Hulan Bass
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