THE TRUTH IS — RIGHTLY DIVIDING is the major key to correct Biblical interpretation. Exegesis vs. Eisegesis.

THE TRUTH IS — RIGHTLY DIVIDING is the major key to correct Biblical interpretation.  Exegesis vs. Eisegesis. See: 2nd Tim. 2:15.  Most Christian denominations do not Rightly Divide.  The major key difference in them and us is “They advocate your Accepting Jesus Christ for Eternal Salvation, and we Old Line, Old School P.B.’s clearly see TWO different Salvations, the first is that of Eternal Security in the Redeeming Shed Blood of Jesus Christ – Grace only, then to them therein they are strongly admonished to Hear the True Gospel, Believe, and come forward to The TRUTH for true Knowledge, as they already have Eternal Life. Life always precedes Actions. There are three levels of Spirituality in the K.JT. in this order – Relationship, and innumerable multitude-Rev. 7:9.  Then, the Few-Fellowship and Friendship. Jesus states these two classes of timely Gospel Obedience as the FEW- Matt. 7:13-14-Timely.  Many Scriptures are easily available when Rightly Divided, herein explaining- the True Doctrine, Order, Practice, Duty, Discipline, as members in the True, Timely, Gospel Church, but only for and to already Born-Again Children of God.
Hulan Bass

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