The Truth is — The universe consists of several planets…

Fri. Jan. 3, 2014
The UNIVERSE consists of several planets; however notice
Acts 17:26 –  “And hath made of one blood all nations of
men for to dwell on all the FACE OF THE EARTH, and hath
determined the times before appointed, and the BOUNDS OF
their habitation.”   This limits ALL LIFE to the FACE OF THE
EARTH.  Holy Writ refers to – OUT OF the earth, ON the
earth, IN the earth.  Psalms 104:29—35 – Full cycle.
We have no viable support for there being human life on any
other planet, from a creation aspect.  Further, all living birds,
fish, animals, humans – Gen. 1:20-28 are in or on the Earth.
Closing confirmations found in these supporting closing texts =
Exodus 32:12;  33:16;  Num. 12:3; 1st Sam. 20:15.  So,
the Earth is very  clearly the CENTER OF the Universe,
according to the K.J.T.
Hulan Bass

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