THE TRUTH IS — The wonderful subject of JUSTIFICATION


The wonderful subject of JUSTIFICATION must be Rightly Divided into four (4) Scriptural Views, the First two are primarily with an Eternal Consequence,  and the next two are of Timely Gospel consequences.
The first is Grace through redemption in Christ Jesus Rom. 3:24, the second is through faith in the Blood Justification in Christ – Rom. 3:25.  Then comes the 3rd – By Faith Justification in Gospel Knowledge, and such is manifested and displayed by YOUR Works which is the 4th Justification as stated by: James 2:17-24.James covers both No. 3 & 4.  Now notice:

1.  GRACE = In the EYES of The HOLY TRINITY – God

2.  BLOOD = In the EYES of GOD THE FATHER – Christ

3.  FAITH   = In the EYES of the COURT or TRIBUNAL of

                        your OWN CONSCIENCE – Ourselves

4.  WORKS = In the EYES of MEN –  You would not know that a

                        man had “Faith,” if you could not see his “WORKS.”

 Hulan Bass

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