The Truth is — These are not optional in NT worship services

None of these are “optional” pertaining to the N.T. Church
Worship Services = Acts 2:42 – Apostles’ Doctrine, is first,
Fellowship, Breaking of Bread (Communion); Prayer; then
Eph. 5:19 & Col. 3:16 lists Singing.  Isaiah 56:7 declares
prophetically the N.T. Church is “His House of Prayer” and
Jesus confirms this in Mark 11:17.  Prayer surrounds all the
activities.  The next factor to be considered is that of “not
adding to” or “modifying” any of these entities, no more and
no less.  The “Worship Service” is to be just perfect.  Yet,
modern-day technology has invented and added many
innovations for “natural” comfort, but no changes in the
Spiritual Worship Services. Now read – Ecc. 7:29.
Hulan Bass

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