THE TRUTH IS – These aspects of a word = “Perfect:” = Mature

These aspects of a word = “Perfect:” = Mature
and Complete.  Unperfect:  Without Error, but not
completed.  So we can examine these two aspects,
briefly, we find that there was a time when the Legal
Work of Jesus Christ on Calvary’s Cross was not yet
Finished, so, UNPERFECT, as in Psalms 139:16;  that
is, not completed, but even before the Cross His work
was always without a flaw or error.  So we now know
WHEN His Work was PERFECT-COMPLETE, John 19:30.
IT IS FINISHED.  Timely, during the N.T. Gospel Church
Age, there are Born-again Sheep who are PERFECT
eternally, but, some in error, to varying degrees, of
Imperfect; and some Unperfect, depending on their
“obedience.”  Matt. 7:13-14,  clearly describes both
of these groups as a “Multitude” and some as a “FEW.”
Zeph. 3:12-13 also mentions this as the REMNANT,
which is PERFECT.
Hulan Bass

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