THE TRUTH IS — VOLITION Defined: The act of making a choice or decision; power of choosing or determining. This word is not in the K.J.T. but it’s definition is a Bible Subject. God first exercised His decision in the creation; even allowing the Angels volition, and then mankind in Adam; all the animals, fish, fowls of the air, and so on.  However, there would be blessings or penalties found in each obedience or disobedience. Many Scriptures confirm this premise.  The fallen angels, fallen Adamic nature, etc., proves that such volition is found in each and every genetic species.  There will be at least one text proving all such. Each category cannot violate their own species, but with volition they can make decisions, but only within each realm thereof. An elephant has never wanted to mate with a giraffe. So, this clearly eliminates the heresy of “Free Will Agency.” God, the Holy Trinity employed four areas of volition in Eph. 1:4-9 – His Choices, Will, Pleasures and Purposes.
Hulan Bass

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