The Truth of an Absolute Doctrinal Truth

An Absolute Doctrinal Truth.  We know not historically
the exact date of the birth Jesus Christ by the Virgin
Mary, yet we do know three factors, called “SHALL” –
The Angel from Heaven told Joseph that which was
conceived in her was of the Holy Ghost – Matt. 1:21 –
“And she SHALL bring forth a son, and thou SHALT
call his name JESUS, for he SHALL save his people
from their sins.”  This eliminates all the speculations,
doubts, guess-work, Gospel Obedience, Good Works,
faith, believing, seeking, knocking, asking, praying,
etc. ref. Eternal Salvation.  Yet we do admit and find
by Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, that all these
evidences mentioned herein are of the TIMELY or 2nd
Salvation, found here in Earth, and especially in the
TRUE N.T. Church of Jesus Christ.
Hulan Bass

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