Visiting Elder Jonathan Cook and family and Brother Angel and Sister Vanessa

This past Sunday (07-07-2013) Palm Bethel was fortunate and pleased to have Elder Jonathan Cook, his wife Sister Kimberly and their children present.  They were down in Ft. Lauderdale enjoying a much needed holiday, but came to church up in West Palm Beach.  Elder Jonathan was invited to preach and he graciously accepted and edified us with a sermon on a fruit of the Spirit, Love.  Gal 5:22  This sermon is online here, but in another post, located in category Sermons.
Also present again with us this week were our members from Puerto Rico; Brother Angela and Sister Vanessa and their children.  They have been visiting for 2 weeks and we are so glad they have been back with us.

After church and over lunch we had a great time to fellowship.  Elder Jonathan is 1st cousin to long time friends of the church DeeAnna Cuppari and family.  They came to church.  They hadn’t seen each other in over 10 years.
We really enjoyed visiting with all which came to church.  The purpose of “church” is to honor and glorify God, which we do but we also are to “provoke” one another in love and we do this during fellowship and we so enjoy it.Sister Kimberly & Elder Jonathan Cook

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